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Photos: Chile - Patagonia: Torres del Paine
Chile - Patagonia: Torres del Paine
20 Mar 2011
We woke up very early in this dreamy place and the first thing we did was to watch the colored slopes of the mountains in different phases of sunrise. The pictures speak for themselves ... golden tops! After breakfast we continued our exploration at the remaining half of the park. Snowy peaks, lakes, Guanacos, bridges above rivers. Two hours after we arrived at the next accommodation, at the «Hotel Las Torres» just at the foot of the Torres del Paine.

We left our luggage, dressed appropriately for hiking and started. At the beginning of the path we thought that it was summer. The sun scorches and our initial hike was ... to grassland. Gravel paths, chamomile, various colorful flowers, gray stems from corpses of trees, horses and riders along the path, the river. At some point, the landscape changed and began to resemble beach. Sand, rocks, cedar trees, dunes and more and more corpses of trees, fallen or ready to fall. The last hours of the journey was steep ascent on rocky but slippery surface. But when passed last rock... the image left us speechless. What to say about the beauty of nature? The pictures speak for themselves. Not so the photos, but the images we saw that moment.

The evening after our return we ate at the hotel. Great buffet with meat (yes, again with blood!), salad, pasta, pastries, fruit and wine «Viva Maipo Reserva, Cabernet Sauvignon 2009».

Morning view from our room

Peaks in gold

View from our room

A closer view

Another moment


The best hotel of our travel

Another one guanaco crossing the road

At the road to Torres del Paine

Incredible landscape

The rent car in front of the peaks

On the road

The car just fits at the bridge

Crossing a bridge

The towers became to be visible, while driving

The peaks of the rowers were covered by clouds






















The landscape is like a beach


Incredible landscape







Viewing the towers







The downhill was difficult