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Photos: Chania: Sfakia, Elafonisi
Chania: Sfakia, Elafonisi
27 Aug 2011 - 05 Sep 2011
At the end of the summer we visited again Chania, since the pregnancy (6 months) did not allow us for great adventures.

At September 28 we went to the beach Sweet Waters in the region of Sfakia. The access to the beach is by footpath (about a half hour walk) or by boat. Of course we chose the hike. The beach is quite good, although there were some umbrellas. We returned by the same path.

At September 1st we went to Elafonisi. The crowd was less. We walked a lot around the island. It's a really lovely place, covered by fine sand, scrub and rocky coves with small pink crystal blue waters. The landscape resembles Africa, we think that is one of the most beautiful beaches of Greece.

Sfakia: Starting the footpath to beach Glyka Nera

Sfakia: The footpath to beach Glyka Nera

Sfakia: Nice view of the cyan sea along the footpath

Sfakia: The footpath to Glyka Nera

Sfakia: Arriving at beach Glyka Nera

Sfakia, Glyka Nera: Water coming under the sand

Safkia: The beach of Glyka Nera

Sfakia, Glyka Nera: Beautiful beach

Sfakia: Leaving beach Glyka Nera

Sfakia: Returning from beach Glyka Nera

Sfakia, Glyka Nera: Impressive pass through the rocks

The goat climbs everywhere!

Elafonisi: Pink waters

Elafonisi: Only a few cedar trees exist on the island

Elafonisi: Sand everywhere

Elafonisi: Like a desert

Elafonisi: Sand everywhere

Elafonisi: Sand, rocks and sea

Elafonisi: Sand everywhere

Elafonisi: The north side of the island is wilder but beautiful

Elafonisi: Pink waters!

Elafonisi: Wonderful beaches

Elafonisi: Sand, rocks and bushes

Elafonisi: Pink waters!