25 Sep 2022 17:46
Photos: Pertouli
27 Oct 2007 - 29 Oct 2007
We went to Pertouli for mountain biking.
The road after village of Pyliwas interesting. Elati was a nice place  but too touristic. We stayed for the night in Neraidochori. The weather was not so good, as it was raining and there was also fog. We drove to the clif above Pyrra and then we walked along a forest road until some dogs prevented us to continue.

The weather was sunny the next day, so went for mountain biking in the meadows of Pertouli. In the afternoon, we visited the bridge of Palaiokarya.

Walking along the slopes of Neraida

View of Pyrra from the cliff

Ag.Paraskevi church

Incredible fog in the meadows of Pertouli

View from our room in Neraidochori

Mountain bike in the Pertouliotika meadows

Horses in the meadows


Our mountain bikes


Tall trees

Mushrooms over a tree trunk

A small wooden bridge

View of the meadows

Palaiokarya bridge

Palaiokarya bridge