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Photos: North France: Paris, Loire, Bretagne, Normandy
North France: Paris, Loire, Bretagne, Normandy
05 Jul 2010 - 13 Jul 2010
For the "honeymoon" we choose a romantic trip to Paris and the castles of Loire valley and Normandy. The northern territories of France are of great historic, artistic and physical interest. Our travel included two days in Paris, visit at Versailles and then a tour in the romantic castles of Loire valley. Then drive to northern coast of Bretagne and Normandy.
05 Jul 2010
We arrived at 19:00 at Paris airport. We took the train RERB with enough delay and confused a bit when we had to change train. Finally we managed to leave the train near the hotel.

Our hotel was the Concord Opera, just aside the Saint
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06 Jul 2010
The day started with a walk around Montmartre area. We saw the church of Sacre Coeur and walked around the streets and buildings. The area is like another city in the center of Paris.

We preferred a visit into the museum of
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07 Jul 2010
In the morning we went to Galeries Lafayette, the famous shopping center. The female brain was completely upset in one floor with shoes. It was a bad idea because we loose 3 hours, without buying anything.

After the consumer orgasm, we
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08 Jul 2010
We left the hotel and rent a car. We started at 12:20 and we drove easily to Versailles. We entered into the palace at 14:10 (the entrance fee was 18 per person!).

The palace was impressive, with gold everywhere. Large rooms and
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09 Jul 2010
We visited the castle of Blois in the morning. Then we drove to the castle of Chambord. The caslte was impressive at the first sight. We visited the interior (entrance 9.5 per person). There were many rooms with old furniture. There was a ... »

10 Jul 2010
In the morning we visited the castle of Chenonceau. The castle was build on the ... »

11 Jul 2010
We walked in the Dinan the whole morning. The town was very nice. The narrow streets, the classic wooden houses and the color flags all came from older times. At the far end of the town there is nice view of the port (yes Dinan has a port on the ... »

12 Jul 2010
We drove backwards, along the Normandy coast, until Juno beach. There are many beaches (no comparisson with Hellenic beaches), small towns and momuments dedicated to the 2nd world war.

We continued to Deauville, a city famous for
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13 Jul 2010
We drove to Giverny and we were outside the Monets house exactly at 9:30 (the opening time), but the queue was already long. Due to a problem we got into the house after half an hour. We walked quickly in the garden and into the house. ... »