01 Dec 2023 23:05
Best moments
21 Oct 2012
We went by car to the site Prionia, where the road ends and the trail begins climbing Mount Olympus. We left the summit of the gods for another time and walked along the gorge of Enipeas towards Litochoro.

At the Prionia were a
... »

06 Apr 2011
It was very difficult for us to wake up at 05:00, but we were going to visit Machu Picchu. At 06:00 we took a mini taxi to Ollantaytampo, where the road ends. Then we took the train of Perurail. The trail was wonderful inside green scenery and ... »

04 Apr 2011
We visited the Moon Valley (Valle de la Luna) , which is an interesting place on the outskirts of town. The area is so named because it resembles the surface of the moon. It is a lunar landscape that was formed by huge quantities of fossil ... »

30 Mar 2011
The mini bus took us from the hotel at 08:05. Once more, we were the only no-Spanish speaking persons among the 18 people of the group. We stopped at a mini market in order to buy water, biscuits and coca leaves for the altitude. The guide explained ... »

27 Mar 2011
This day we visited the side of the waterfalls from the Argentinian side. Argentina owns about 80% of the area. We went by bus to the park entrance Parque Nacional Iguazu, paid the entrance and boarded on the special train that took us to the ... »

26 Mar 2011
Early in the morning we started our journey in order to visit the waterfalls at the side of Brazil and leave the next day the side of Argentina. In fact, we decided not to do it by the easy way (a private coach), but follow the encouragement of the ... »

24 Mar 2011
In the morning immediately after breakfast and after we arranged our tickets for the afternoon cruise αλονγ the canal Beagle, drove to the glacier Marsial , located above the town. In comparison with Perito Moreno, glacier Marcial seemed... ... »

20 Mar 2011
We woke up very early in this dreamy place and the first thing we did was to watch the colored slopes of the mountains in different phases of sunrise. The pictures speak for themselves ... golden tops! After breakfast we continued our exploration at ... »

19 Mar 2011
At 10.00, after breakfast, we began wandering through the park. It was like a safari. With the diesel jeep, through dirt roads, we saw wild horses, cows, sheep and many Guanacos. First we stop at the lake Gray, a cold lake with pieces of ... »

17 Mar 2011
We left the room and drove to the start of the city of El Chalten. We started walking the trail to the Lake Torre below the towers, the second most popular trail in the area. It was much easier than yesterday. The biggest part of it along the ... »