02 Dec 2023 00:45
Photos: Lousios
16 May 2009 - 17 May 2009
Lousios is assumed as a very wild river. We were going to walk along the popular footpath between the monastery of Prodromou and the monastery of Philosophou.
16 May 2009
We arrived at Stemnitsa and walked until the Prodromou monastery. We visited the monastery, we took the footpath downwards to the Lousios river and then upwards to the Philosophou monastery. The old Philosophou monastery is just stone ruins ... »

17 May 2009
We drove downwards to the ancient Gortys again. We took the footpath upwards to Prodromou monastery. Thew was not any difference than the path we took yesterday. The footpath was higher enough than the river.

We returned to the parking area of
... »