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Photos: Kalavryta - Vouraikos
Kalavryta - Vouraikos
19 Apr 2008 - 20 Apr 2008
The railway of Odontotos from Diakopto to Kalavryta, inside the Vouraikos gorge is very beatiful, but you do not have time to see a lot of things. We decided to walk along the most interesting part of the path.

Chelmos ski resort

Meadows of Chelmos

Driving in meadows of Chelmos

The hostel in Zachlorou



Crossing a metal bridge

Several metal bridges exist

Approaching the first tunnels

Incredible railways

Inside a tunnel

A small waterfall of Vouraikos river

The river flows along the railways

Near the railways

Railways and tunnels

Another metal bridge


A tunnel aside the river

At the station of

There are two railways

Two paths in life

The most incedible bridge

The old railways not used nowdays

The old bridge from the other side

Exiting from the doors

The train in the station of Zachlorou


The most interesting place

Returning back


Lying on the railways without fear