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Photos: Pindos: Valia Kalda
Pindos: Valia Kalda
01 May 2007 - 02 May 2007
Visit at the heart of Pindos in the area of «Valia Kalda» which means warm valley according to the local language (Vlachika). The area is protected. We stayed at Metsovo, we walked in the area and we climbed on the peak of Flega.
01 May 2007
Today we drove inside Valia Kalda (warm valley) and walked along Arkoudorema (bear river). We had a difficult situation when our car stacked on the snow, but the landscape was fantastic. ... »

02 May 2007
We walked from the refuge above lake of Aoos until the peak of Flega, crossing incredible landscapes full of snow and pine-trees. ... »