27 Sep 2023 21:14
Photos: Spetses
30 Jun 2012 - 01 Jul 2012
On the occasion of the wedding of a colleague in Spetses, we decided to take a weekend trip to this small island. This was the first attempt to travel with the new family member, just 6 months.

We went up the road Costa, opposite the island of Spetses, we left the car at a parking and got the first boat we found to the island. In about 20 minutes we were in Dapia the main port. We walked along the promenade to the old port, making a brief and cursory plunge into the sea. We spent the rest of the night at the wedding on the beach of Agia Marina.

The next day we went to again to Dapia and visited the home of the famous captain of the island, Bouboulina. Then we wandered on the north side of the coastal road to the impressive and bygone era hotel Posidonio. From there we took the bus to the beach Ligoneri, the only unorganized beach. There was nothing special and the sea was full of rubbish due to the winds. Generally, the island has nothing valuable regarding beaches, although we did not visit others. Back again in the afternoon by bus to Dapia. Few almonds for home and took again a boat to the opposite coast. This time the sea was heavy. In Costa, we took the car and drove back to Athens.

Arriving at Dapia

Along the seaside street

The canons

Along the seaside street

Architecture from Spetses

Small beach along the street

Along the seaside street


Along the seaside street

House entrance

Ships in the port

The old port

Entrance of the Bouboulina house

Living room inside the house of Bouboulina

Various items into the house of Bouboulina

Statue of Bouboulina

Internal yard of the house of Bouboulina


Statue of Bouboulina opposite hotel Posidinio

Hotel Posidonio

Beach at Ligoneri

Beach at Ligoneri

Cafe with view to the port, in Dapia

Coach at Dapia