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Photos: Sifnos
04 Jul 2014 - 13 Jul 2014
We do not travel for a long time ago. Travelling with a child is not easy at all. We expected to be better while the kid is growing, but it is worse. Nevertheless, we decided to try a short and peaceful destination, at least for some swimming. We chose Sifnos.

We booked a room beside the sea in the sheltered and quiet village of Faros. The beach Glyfos right next to the beach of Faros was appropriate since it had shade, sand and shallow waters, ideal for a child 2.5 years.

The first day after the morning swim in the beach Glyfos, we visited the monastery Chrysopigi, the most characteristic part of the island, one whitewashed monastery built on a rocky cape. We went also to the famous beach of Platis Gialos, but we did not liked it. So we returned to Chrysopigi and ate at the tavern Lempesi, on the adjacent beach Apokoftou. We tested mastelo, a typical dish of the island, lamb cooked in clay for hours. In the evening we took a first ride in the island's capital Apollonia. Beautiful village with whitewashed houses and narrow streets. We tried donuts in the confectioner "Three blondes Angels" along the main street.

On the second day we visited the nearby beach in Faro Fasolou, dine in only tavern and we swim there.

The next two days our little one was rather restless and grumpy, so we avoided driving and simply spent the day with swimming at the beach Glyfos and dinner in Apollonia. We tried dinner at the restaurant "Okyalos" on the main street and we liked it. The village view from the terrace of the restaurant while the sun was setting was unique.

On the 5th day we visited Vathi but we did not stay long. Then we drove to Kamares, the harbor, had lunch and afternoon swim there.

On the sixth day we drove to the north of the island. After we made a short stop in Panagia Poulati, another famous church on the island with a view to Kastro, we drove up the Cherronisos, the northernmost village and beach. We ate the best fresh fish at the tavern "Ammoudia". Late in the afternoon we visited Kastro. The walk around the village with views from above the sea just before the sun sets, it was the best moment.

On the 7th day the weather turned south and the sea mingled. In the afternoon we walked through the picturesque streets of Artemonas, just above Apollonia and admired the splendid houses and decorative compositions.

On the last day we swim again at Glyfos. We trekked a short and easy footpath from Glyfos to Chrysopigi (the footpath is also lighted during the night). At night, we had the best dinner in the very good (but expensive) restaurant Cayenne at Apollonia. With a very good wine we completed our trip to Sifnos.

Leaving Sifnos we did not not forget to buy chloromanoura (local soft cheese which we loved), marzipan oven and ceramic kitchenware.

The yard of our room with view to the sea

Monastery of Chysopigi

Beach Saoures, near monastery of Chrysopigi

The beach of Platis Gialos


Alley in Apollonia



Η παραλία Φασολού

Fasolou beach

Glyfos beach


Apollonia: On the roof garden of restaurant "Okyalos"

Apollonia by night

First attempts of a new person to get into the sea alone

View of Platis Gialos on the road to Vathi

Beach Vathi

White church on the sand in Vathi

Tavern at Kamares

Kamares, the right side

Kamares, the left side

View of Kastro


Old house


Driving to Panagia Poulati

Panagia Poulati

View of Kastro from Panagia Poulati

Driving towards the north part of the island

Driving towards the north part of the island

Cherronisos: Tavern with fresh fish






Little church "Eftamartires" in KastroKastro



Kastro: Father and son along the outside street




Artemonas: House entrance with escalator

Street in Artemonas




Artemonas: House yard

Artemonas: House yard with decorations



Artemonas: Escalator


Start point of footpath to Chrysopigi

Along the footpath to Chrysopigi

Along the footpath, monastery of Chryspigi at the far end

Beach Apokoftou the end point of the footpath

Monastery of Chrysopigi

Returning. View of the beach of Glyfos from the footpath to Chrysopigi