02 Dec 2023 00:00
Skopelos24 Jul 2015 - 31 Jul 2015
Sifnos04 Jul 2014 - 13 Jul 2014
Karpathos17 Jul 2013 - 23 Jul 2013
Agrafa25 Nov 2012 - 26 Nov 2012
Pieria: Olympus20 Oct 2012 - 22 Oct 2012
Latin America: Peru, (Bolivia)29 Mar 2011 - 08 Apr 2011
Latin America: Argentina, (Chile)11 Mar 2011 - 28 Mar 2011
Grammos17 Jun 2008 - 21 Jun 2008
Zagori12 May 2007 - 13 May 2007
Traveling is a way of life. Travel is not just a walk. It is rather wandering in unknown places, is exploration, is experience. Travel is surprise, adventure with fatigue and discomfort... sometimes.

The contact with nature is a way of life. The real contact with nature can be done by hiking trails in meadows, gorges and rivers, climbing to the peaks of the mountains, crossing alpine meadows and lakes, swimming in icy and crystalline waters below waterfalls.

Hellenic countryside is rich in natural scenery and is ideal for exploring. We are traveling to various places in Greece and abroad. What we experience through our travels, is shown here with descriptions and photos.
Selected travels
29 Mar 2011 - 08 Apr 2011
After Argentina we went to Peru. Peru is a country we always wanted to visit. Peruvian people, Lima in the Pacific ocean, the valleys and gorges in Arequipa area, Titicaca the ... »

11 Mar 2011 - 28 Mar 2011
A month in Latin America! A dream trip. Argentina and Peru, the main countries and a small passage from Chile and Bolivia. In Argentina except Buenos Aires, particular focus in ... »

05 Jul 2010 - 13 Jul 2010
For the "honeymoon" we choose a romantic trip to Paris and the castles of Loire valley and Normandy. The northern territories of France are of great historic, artistic and physical ... »
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Recent travels
22 Jun 2022 - 26 Jun 2022
Our first travel abroad as a family after more than 10 ... »

24 Jul 2015 - 31 Jul 2015
We had never visited an island of Sporades so we choose Skopelos for summer vacation. We selected to go to Skopelos from Mantoudi in Evia because the boat trip was shorter. ... »

04 Jul 2014 - 13 Jul 2014
We do not travel for a long time ago. Travelling with a child is not easy at all. We expected to be better while the kid is growing, but it is worse. Nevertheless, we decided to ... »
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Selected photos

Nostimo, Dispilio, Prespes, Nimfeo: Ag. Achillios church on the Small Prespa
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