02 Dec 2023 00:52
About us
We are a couple and one of the things we like to do together is to travel. We believe that travels are of the most important things in life and deserve our time and money. Knowing the world, we gain invaluable experiences and pictures, change the perspective to see things and complete ourselves as human beings.

We wish to pass the same ideas to the new member of the family, from the beginning of his life. We are now travelling together as a family and adjust our pace in accordance to the particularities of a baby.

In our effort to plan a travel, we can not find enough and essential information from the internet (especially for distant destinations in Greek language) that do not contain excessive and poetic descriptions. We would like simple and essential information that will help us in an effective way, give us a lot of ideas.

We have created this site, having in mind to share with our friends and all the «restless travelers» our experiences, beautiful pictures and valuable findings. Our goal has been achieved if even one visitor inspired and find ideas to design his own travel.

Sifnos: Kastro: Father and son along the outside street

Pieria: At the waterfall of Ourlias

Argentina: Iguazu waterfalls: At the waterfalls

Argentina - Patagonia: Laguna Torre: At the lake, in front of the towers

Argentina - Patagonia: Perito Moreno: In front of the glacier

Italy: Tuscany: Pienza: Via dell Amore

Kalavryta - Vouraikos: Near the railways