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Photos: Parnitha: Chouni gorge with a baby
Parnitha: Chouni gorge with a baby
30 Sep 2012
After almost one year without any trekking, it was time to try again. The little one is now 10 months old and we had already purchased and experienced with a sling. We chose the gorge of Chouni in Parnitha. The trail starts from Thrakomakedones and through the gorge of Chouni concludes to the refuge of Bafi.

We started the trail at 13:30 but after half an hour we stopped for the lunch of the baby. We continued for another hour and stopped again because the little one fell asleep. Finally after all these stops we arrived at the refuge of Bafi at 17:00, total of 3.5 hours (the two of us did the trail in less than 2 hours in the past).

After a half hour stop at the refuge we returned (again of course with an intermediate stop for breastfeeding). Towards the end the baby slept again into the sling and we were going slowly in order not to wake him up. We eventually went out of the gorge at 19:40 when it was already dark.

Starting the first trekking with a baby in the slings

Boy is touching the leaves

Along the footpath

Gorge of Chouni


Boy was sleeping into the slings

A stop in order the boy to sleep

Cross road to Flampouri

Boy with his mum

The telecoms tower on the top


Trekking to refuge of Bafi

At the burned area

At the burned place of Parnitha, the casino in the far end

Uphill with extra 9 Kgs!

Approaching Bafi refuge

Bafi refuge

View of Athens from the refuge Bafi

Boy with his dud