02 Dec 2023 00:26
Best photos

Skopelos: Old house in Glossa

Skopelos: Chovoli beach

Skopelos: Panormos: Very clean sea

Skopelos: Chovoli beach

Sifnos: Street in Artemonas

Sifnos: Kastro

Sifnos: Driving towards the north part of the island

Sifnos: View of Kastro from Panagia Poulati

Karpathos: Olympos: Nice view

Karpathos: Olympos

Karpathos: Village Olympos from west side

Karpathos: View of village Olympos from the east

Karpathos: View of Apella beach. The pine trees reach the sand

Karpathos: Michaliou kipos beach

Karpathos: Fishing boats at Pigadia

Agrafa: Niala: Driving back to Agrafa village

Agrafa: Niala: On the road in Niala

Agrafa: Niala: On the road in Niala

Agrafa: Niala: The plateau of Niala

Agrafa: Niala: Driving to Niala

Pieria: Old Panteleimonas: At the front of the church

Pieria: The beautiful church at the central square of Old Panteleimonas