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Photos: Road trip: Italy - French Riviera - Barcelona - Pyrenees
Road trip: Italy - French Riviera - Barcelona - Pyrenees
05 Sep 2009 - 20 Sep 2009
Travel by car starting from Bari in Italy, going to Barcelona and Pyrenees in Spain, passing through South France Tuscan and finish to Ancona in Italy. The travel was planned in such a way, in order to cross the Amalfi coast in Italy, the longer part of the Italian and French Riviera, the Costa Brave in Spain, but also the internal areas of Tuscany in Italy, Provence in France and mainly the Spanish and French Pyrenees.

We got enough information from various articles via Internet and we saw a simulation of the whole route and a lot of pictures with the aid of Google Earth. We used the travel guides of Europe and Pyrenees, published by Rough Guides. The in-car GPS was invaluable and helped us many times.

We were traveling continually for two weeks. We stayed at a different city every night and we always found room the last minute. The total distance was 5500 Km.
05 Sep 2009
We started our travel from Bari to the opposite side of Italy. From Salerno we drove along the Amalfi coast. The road was very interesting, over rocks, with nice view of the sea and small villages. We stayed at the city of ... »

06 Sep 2009
Today we visited the ancient ruins of Pompei and the volcano of Vesuvius. In the afternoon, we drove to Tuscany via Autostrada, bypassing the big cities of Napoli and Rome. We stayed at the town of Montepulciano for the ... »

07 Sep 2009
Today we travelled around the Tuscany area and visited various cities (Montepulciano, Pienza, Montalcino, Siena, Monteriggioni, San Gimignano).

Total travel distance: 160
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08 Sep 2009
After a morning walk in San Gimignano, se visited Pisa and its famous tower. Then we drove to the area of Cinque Terre and walk along the famous «Via de Amore». At the end of the day we stayed in the car in the city of Rapallo, because we could not ... »

09 Sep 2009
Our sleep in the car was good but sort. We drove along the sea side to Portofino and then to Genova. We did not like the Italian Riviera, but Monaco was very nice. We stayed in a hotel at Nice and enjoyed a fantastic French dinner with duck and wine ... »

10 Sep 2009
We walked in the sunny Nice. Then we drove along the French Riviera passing from Antibes, Cannes, Saint Raphael, Saint Troppez. We stayed for the night at Toulon.

Total travel distance: 200 Km
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11 Sep 2009
Today we visited Aix-en-Provence and Arles in the area of French Provence. Then we drove via AutoRoute to Spain and stayed at Figueres for the night.

Total travel distance: 447 Km
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12 Sep 2009
Today we visited the house-museum of Salvador Dali at his birthplace Figueres. Then we went to Cadaques, the village near the sea, where Dali lived for several years. After that, we drove along Costa Brava, passed from Tossa de ... »

13 Sep 2009
Today we visited the most interesting buildings of Antonio Gaudi in Barcelona (casa Mila, casa Battlo, Sagrada Familia and park Guell) and later in the afternoon we start driving on the Pyrenees. We stayed at the village La Seu d Urgell ... »

14 Sep 2009
After the shopping in Andorra we drove through fantastic roads until Salardu (the highest passage was at 2072 m). The villages in the valley were very beautiful. Then we drove in the night on narrow roads under rain. A wild pork hit the ... »

15 Sep 2009
Today we did trekking into the National Park of Ordesa valley and Monte Perdido, on the Pyrenees. Then we drove near the French borders and stayed at Sallent de Gallego.
Total travel distance: 118
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16 Sep 2009
We passed French borders in the morning. We drove through magnificent mountain roads and arrived at Gavarnie. We did trekking until the Cirque de Gavarnie and we saw the highest waterfall in Europe (450 m high). We stayed for the night at ... »

17 Sep 2009
We crossed the area of Cathars and visited the caslte of Montsegur, one of the most important monuments. Then we drove to Carcassonne and visited its fabulous castle. We stayed for the night in Avignon.

Total travel
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18 Sep 2009
Today we almost explicity drove via highways, because we had to travel a long distance. After a walk in the old town of Avignon, we drove through Autoroute and passed to Italy. We stayed at Parma for the night.

Total travel
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19 Sep 2009
This was the last day of the travel abroad. After a walk in Parma, we drove directly to Ancona and took the ship for Patra.

Total daily distance: 320
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