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Photos: Pieria: Olympus
Pieria: Olympus
20 Oct 2012 - 22 Oct 2012
Escape for 2 days in Pieria. We chose to stay at Litohoro and hike in the foothills of Mount Olympus along the beautiful canyon Enipea. The weather in October though was very good, ideal for hiking in the mountains and even with baby in sling.

We started at noon and arrived at Litochoro at 5 pm. Immediately we found a room in a hostel near the main square and in the evening we dined in a gourmet restaurant. Little one sat in his chair at the table with us, so let us eat in relative quiet.
21 Oct 2012
We went by car to the site Prionia, where the road ends and the trail begins climbing Mount Olympus. We left the summit of the gods for another time and walked along the gorge of Enipeas towards Litochoro.

At the Prionia were a
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22 Oct 2012
We left the room and drove up to Dion and from there to the church of St. Constantine. Just above after a short path we visited Ourlias stream with its beautiful waterfall and pond.

We Continued until Platamonas and visited the
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