25 Sep 2022 16:52
Photos: Agrafa
25 Nov 2012 - 26 Nov 2012
Although it was December the weather was good enough for travelling. We decided to go to Agrafa Evritanias, an area that we had neglected all these years. Indeed that neglect was significant, since the "Switzerland" of Greece captivated us since the beginning.

Started late enough as usual with the little one, we arrived at the beginning of the gorge of Agrafiotis and the beginning of the dirt road just before dark. Driving down a dirt road in the well was a real treat. The gorge, the wild landscape, the autumn colours were unprecedented. We could not believe that there is a so beautiful landscape in Greece and we had not visited it yet.

We finally arrived in the village at night. The next surprise, was the great hospitality of the owners of the hostel, which do not allow us to go out to eat but we were invited to their table.
25 Nov 2012
The sky was clear in the morning. We saw the village and started driving by car to the track with direction to the crest of Niala. The dirt road was interesting but comfortable until a small plateau with sheep folds. The images were terrible, ... »

26 Nov 2012
Although we have arranged to get up early, again our little one destroyed our plans because he was awakened at 5 am and not slept again until 7 in the morning. We left the hostel almost 12:30 noon.

We started the path of Asprorema. The
... »