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Photos: Chania: Samaria gorge
Chania: Samaria gorge
21 Jul 2008
Born in Chania and have never crossed the gorge of Samaria is at least... embarrassment. The gorge is known all over the world and thousands of foreigners cross it every year. At least the time has come.

We woke up early in the morning and barely had time to catch the last morning bus from Chania to Omalos (08:30). We arrived at the location Xiloskalo which is the beginning of the gorge, after about an hour. We began to descend the twisting path until the bed of the gorge. Initially we were going very fast and pass at least 200 people. The path in the bed was more interesting. We arrived in the village of Samaria after hiking 1:40'. We did a half hour stop, and ate cheese and chocolate croissants we had with us. We started to walk again but slower because we were somewhat tired and abraded. A little further we stopped and wet our feet a bit, because the heat was unbearable (stop time 20 ').

The best part of the gorge was the last one, the "doors" where water was flowing through a narrow opening between vertical cliffs. But the world was too much (mostly foreigners too many, countless). Eventually we left the check point after 3:30' net walking time and 4:20' total time (including stops). We also had another 30' of boring walking until the beach of Agia Roumeli.

We swam to the beach and then we took the ferry to Sfakia. After a stop in the village of Loutro, we arrived at Sfakia and from there we took the bus back to Chania.

Samaria gorge is well known to foreigners (many of whom cross, since it is described as must do and after the finish they regret). Also it is probably overstated, since there is not something remarkable along the most part. The most interesting part is the last one just before the doors. The above combined with the unbearable heat and the crowds, reduce the value of the route, especially during the hot summer months.


Going down to the gorge

A peak of White Mountains

A small church along the footpath

Ruins of the abadoned village of Samaria


Too many people





Walking inside gorge


The river


Crossing Doors



The beach in Agia Roumeli

Gorge exit in Agia Roumeli