25 Jun 2022 14:50
Selected travels
29 Mar 2011 - 08 Apr 2011
After Argentina we went to Peru. Peru is a country we always wanted to visit. Peruvian people, Lima in the Pacific ocean, the valleys and gorges in Arequipa area, Titicaca the ... »

11 Mar 2011 - 28 Mar 2011
A month in Latin America! A dream trip. Argentina and Peru, the main countries and a small passage from Chile and Bolivia. In Argentina except Buenos Aires, particular focus in ... »

05 Jul 2010 - 13 Jul 2010
For the "honeymoon" we choose a romantic trip to Paris and the castles of Loire valley and Normandy. The northern territories of France are of great historic, artistic and physical ... »

05 Sep 2009 - 20 Sep 2009
Travel by car starting from Bari in Italy, going to Barcelona and Pyrenees in Spain, passing through South France Tuscan and finish to Ancona in Italy. The travel was planned in ... »

17 Jun 2008 - 21 Jun 2008
After the visit in the area of Konitsa and Smolika, we continued in the area of Grammos. ... »

01 May 2008 - 05 May 2008
The travel to the area of Tzoumerka in Epirus was an old wish. The area is famous for the waterfalls and Syrrako is one of the best villages in Greece. The footpath from Syrrako to ... »