25 Jun 2022 14:34
Selected photos

Agrafa: Niala: Driving back to Agrafa village

Pieria: The beautiful church at the central square of Old Panteleimonas

Olympus: Enipeas gorge: Beautiful footpath below the trees

Spetses: Ships in the port

Chania: Sfakia, Elafonisi: Elafonisi: Sand everywhere

Kimolos: The stoned street with bars inside the castle

Kimolos: Sunset in Mavrospilia

Vardousia: Incredible view

Peru: Cuzco: Walls of Incas

Peru: Machu Picchu: Admiring the view many times

Bolivia: La Paz: Nice bus

Bolivia: La Paz: Valley of the Moon: Cactus

Peru: Puno and lake Titicaca: The sky mirrors on the lake

Peru: Arequipa: Santa Catalina Monastery:

Peru: Colca canyon: The canyon was completely covered by clouds

Peru: Arequipa - Chivay: Alpine meadows with water

Argentina: Iguazu waterfalls: Impressive spectacle

Brazilia: Iguazu waterfalls: Incredible view

Brazilia: Iguazu waterfalls: View from the central platform

Argentina: Tierra del Fuego: Cruise along Beagle channel. Admiring the sunset at the end of the world

Argentina:Tierra del fuego: Very good photo at the park of Tierra Fuega

Argentina:Tierra del fuego: A ship in the port