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Photos: Argentina - Patagonia: Laguna Torre
Argentina - Patagonia: Laguna Torre
17 Mar 2011
We left the room and drove to the start of the city of El Chalten. We started walking the trail to the Lake Torre below the towers, the second most popular trail in the area. It was much easier than yesterday. The biggest part of it along the river Fitz Roy. After two hours we reached a flat place that looked like beach. Sand, rocks and trees like cedars scattered everywhere.

The end of the hiking was impressive. We were in front of an alpine lake with majestic towers behind. Although there was still wind, it was less difficult than yesterday, so we could sit on the gravel to eat sandwiches while watching the towers. It was the best finish after a day hike.

We returned more quickly, as we had a distance of 230 Km driving back to El Calafate. We walked for 6 hours totally. Driving back, we made stops and shooting whatever we liked. But with so many stops we arrived shortly before nightfall. With quick movements, we got tickets on the bus to Chile the next day, found a room as close as possible to the bus station, and delivered the car at the time the office was closing.

We went for lunch and for this time we decided not to eat meat again and tried pizza and pasta. We also did a break from the wine and tasted Argentinian beers. We slept early because we had to get up at 7 am.

Local with animals in El Chalten

View of El Chalten

Start of trekking

At the beginning of the footpath

Trunk sculptures

Trunk sculptures

Walking on Patagonian fields

Nice footpath

Like a ski piste

Peak alone

First view of the three peaks

Admiring the view

The footpath continues on a plane ground

The peaks were visible for a long part along the footpath

Sand on the mountain in Patagonia

The first view of the towers


Spectacular view

Alone trees

River Fitz Roy

Lets go...

Landscape like a painting

Incredible view

Few meters before the end

End of trekking. Lake Torre.

The towers and the glacier below

Unique view

Can you not look...

The wind is strong and cold

Pieces of ice

Swan made from ice!

This view was the reason of trekking

Another shot

The lake and the towers behind

It is time for a lunch break

Closer view of the glacier

Taking position for the best photo!

At the lake, in front of the towers

We took these stones with us

Lake, icebergs, glacier, peaks, all together

It is like a beach !

Sitting aside river Fitz Roy

Returning back

Can I swim?

River Fitz Roy, frozen and white

At the footpath

At the footpath

Lonely tree


Returning, the sky became clear and the rocks of Fitz Roy appeared

El Chalten: End of hiking

Leaving El Chalten, all of the peaks appeared

Driving to El Calafate

The peaks were visible by far away

Colored rocks

The moon above the steppes of Patagonia