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Photos: Tzoumerka: Syrrako, Kalarrytes, Lisias bridge
Tzoumerka: Syrrako, Kalarrytes, Lisias bridge
03 May 2008
We walked the footpath from Syrrako to Kalarytes. It was a nice and easy trekking. We returned back through the same path.

We drove to Agnanta and visited a cave. Then we drove to the village of Chouliarades. We walked downhill until the bank of Aracthos river. There was a wire bridge crossing the river. The footpath continued to the Tsoukas Monastery, but we did not have time to proceed.

We started the footpath uphill. The night was falling. Just before the middle of the path we crossed with female wild pigs. We scared too much and tried to avoid them. The leader of the pigs, was looking at us. We tried to avoid them and after a while they left. We continued to walk fast and reached the place with the car making a new record.

We drove back and rent a room in a hotel on the road from Pramanta to Melisourgoi.




At the beggining of the footpath





View of the footpath

A waterfall far away

Very nice footpath

On the footpath to Kalarrytes

Arrival at Kalarytes


Returning back



Lysias bridge above the river Arachthos

Lysias bridge over river Arachthos river

Crossing the wire bridge

Strogoula peak

River Arachthos

Aracthos river

Aracthos river

Plakas bridge

Bridge of Arta

Lake of Kremaston

Lake of Kremaston

Lake of Kremaston