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Photos: Tzoumerka: Theodoriana, Katarraktis
Tzoumerka: Theodoriana, Katarraktis
02 May 2008
We arrived at Theodoriana late at the afternoon. We found a room. The place was lonely. We had dinner at the only restaurant open in the village square.

Theodoriana village. View of Tzoumerka peaks from the room

Nice landscape but no footpath marks

The waterfalls in Theodoriana

Theodoriana: Going down to the base of the waterfalls


View of waterfalls from the one side

View of Tzoumerka peaks from the waterfalls of Theodoriana

View of the waterfalls a little more far away

Rest area near the waterfalls

Leaving from the waterfalls

View to the mountains

Leaving Theodoriana

The big waterfall from far away

I am at the base of waterfall

Total view of the high waterfall

Kipinas monastery

Kipinas monastery

Kipinas monastery

Syrrako at the left and Kalarrites at the right

Village of Syrrako