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Photos: Argentina:Tierra del fuego
Argentina:Tierra del fuego
23 Mar 2011
So here we are together at the end of the world... We decided to go to the port of Ushuaia on the local bus, as there was a bus stop in front of our hotel (Hostal Ailen). After dozens of cycles through the cobbled streets several bounce up and downs, we decided to descend. We went on foot to rent a car (Localisa), and then drove to the Parque National Tierra Del Fuego.

First we visited the train station where starts the train that leads... at the end of the world, known as El Tren del Fin de Mundo (stupid tourist attraction). The park of Land of Fire was nothing very special, just nice. We saw a dam constructed by beavers. We arrived in the bay Lapataia, where the road starting from Alaska and running through North and South America ends. We drove until lake Acigami, left the car and made a short but uphill path, until a view point. We returned back to town when it got dark.

The day ended with Argentine meat and wine (Intimo 2005 Humberto Canale, Cabernet Sauvignon Patagonico).

Waiting for the bus outside our hostal

A ship in the port

Sea side street

The sign

View of the port

Train of the end of the world

The train station

Train in movement

The train

Driving in the park of Tierra del Fuego

Here is the end of Panamerican road

Bahia Lapataia

Walking inside a beautiful forest

At the area of beavers

Dams by beavers

Nice colors

Nice colors

Nice colors

Beach at Tierra del Fuego!

Start of the trail

At the lake Asigami

Very good photo at the park of Tierra Fuega

View from a higher point

Unbelievable colors