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Photos: Argentina: Iguazu waterfalls
Argentina: Iguazu waterfalls
27 Mar 2011
This day we visited the side of the waterfalls from the Argentinian side. Argentina owns about 80% of the area. We went by bus to the park entrance Parque Nacional Iguazu, paid the entrance and boarded on the special train that took us to the waterfalls through the jungle. We walked along every platform and see every waterfall small or large. We wandered around the park for 5 hours.

The platforms have been set up in various spots above, at the middle or at the lower point of various waterfalls. We tried hard to avoid the tourist groups in order to take photos alone!

Some unusual creatures were roaming around the park, named coaties. There were warnings everywhere not to feed them because they become aggressive. However, a stupid visitor fed them and soon after they became very demanding and were trying to climb over her.

The weather was intolerable. Suffocating heat when we were under sun, moisture under shade and the few clothes stack over us.

In the afternoon, we returned to the hotel, had a bath and went for shopping of gifts and souvenirs. In the evening we ate at «Maria Preta», plates «lomo a la sauvignon» and «lomo a la portuguese». We drank the last Argentine wine trip, «Norton Malbec 2008, Mendoza». This was our last night in Argentina, as the next day we flew to Peru.

The little train inside the park

The sign for the Devil s throat

Crossing the platform towards Devil s Throat

Approaching Devil s throat

Devil s throat

Waterfalls a little far away

Too much water...

Impressive spectacle

The platform in Brazil at the far end

The platform above the river









Waterfalls everywhere...




The coatias and the stupid tourist


At the waterfalls