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Photos: Lousios (day 2)
Lousios (day 2)
17 May 2009
We drove downwards to the ancient Gortys again. We took the footpath upwards to Prodromou monastery. Thew was not any difference than the path we took yesterday. The footpath was higher enough than the river.

We returned to the parking area of the car and took a short footpath along the river side. We put our feet inside the water but it was freezing!

Then we drove to Vitina. We passed through the villages of Velestiniko and Magouliana, but  we did not find any interesting placemark. We returned to the area of Menalo mountain and visited the village where Kolokotronis, a Hellenic revolution hero, was born.

View of Stemnitsa

View from our room in Stemnitsa

Lousios river


Bridge over Lousios river





Fulling tube of Prodromos monastery


Wild river





View point above Lousios river

Lousios gorge from the view point

Kolokotronis house interior

Photo of national hero Kolokotronis

Interior of Kolokotronis house

External view of Kolokotronis house

Family tree of Kolokotronis

Paths arround Kolokotronis house