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Photos: Grammos: Lake Gistova, Barouga forest
Grammos: Lake Gistova, Barouga forest
19 Jun 2008
After a rich breakfast at the guesthouse, we started driving along the asphalt road to the village of Pefkos. Then the road became easy dirt road until the village Grammos. From the village we drove on a bad dirt road that passed through folds up to a shrine. We left the car, we found some signs and started walking up to the alpine lake Gkistova at 2.300 meters above sea level (the highest lake in Greece). The footpath was relatively mild uphill through lush alpine meadows, interspersed with snow. The lake was simply fantastic just right on the border with Albania. We even saw Alpine Triton! The climb time was 2 hours (the sign said 1:25) and descent at 1:10.

We returned to the village Grammos and got another dirt road through the forest Barougka towards the deserted village Trílofon. Originally the road was rough through folds in barren landscape, but after the journey was very beautiful in a green forest. In some places the water from the torrents running across the road and it was like driving through a river. Leaving the forest we met a shepherd who really wondered what we were looking at these places. The forest road is the last in Greek lands on the border with Albania.

The road to Monopylo was closed and so we took another road that made a big detour, and went to Nestorio through the route Kali Vrysi - Dipotamos - Stena. After so many kilometers and tire, we had only dinner at a local tavern in Nestorio.

Too many cows

Village Grammos

We drove towards the high peaks of Grammos

A sign at the start point of the path to lake Gistova

Walking along the slopes of Grammos

Green fields


Incredible alpine meadows

Approaching Gistova lake

Frozen snow

The first view of lake Gistova

Lake Gistova

Lake Gistova

Lake Gistova

The border between Greece-Albania passes through the lake Gistova

An Alpine Triton is swimming in the lake Gistova

Lake Gistova

Lake Gistova: Admiring the alpine landscape

Lake Gistova: The best dragon lake in Greece

Looking at the peaks of Grammos


Unique green carpet

Big white mushroom

Mountain chain of Grammos