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Photos: Bolivia: La Paz
Bolivia: La Paz
04 Apr 2011
We visited the Moon Valley (Valle de la Luna) , which is an interesting place on the outskirts of town. The area is so named because it resembles the surface of the moon. It is a lunar landscape that was formed by huge quantities of fossil salt, stone and sand, with the help of wind energy in a region of the driest in the world. Across the valley there is no life, unless those complicated ... formations. The area was declared as a World Natural Heritage by Unesco.

After an hour we left by taxi to the Witch Market (Mercado de Brujas). There, in addition to carpets, textiles, souvenirs, etc. there are stalls... materials for good luck and magic. Statues, soaps, weird weeds, filter, spells and skeletons of small animals (llama fetuses). Images pulled from a book of Harry Potter! We made our purchases, gifts and souvenirs, and after a big spaghetti, we went by taxi to the central bus station in order to go back to Puno, at Peru. We passed the borders again and after a total of 4 hours we arrived at Puno. This time was much less, since the bus crossed the border through Desaguadero rather than Copacabana yesterday.

Square in La Paz

View of La Paz

Crossing a bridge



Valle de Luna










Closer view











Valley of the moon: A small bridge




A closer view



Nature creations

Valley of the Moon: Cactus

Valley of the Moon: There is a face

Picture of a crowded street

At the central square

The central square

Pedestrian street

Walking along the witch market

Colors at the witch market



Magic... materials

At the witch market

Magic... materials


Nice bus

At the witch market

At the witch market

At the witch market



Bolivian woman

Local market

Photo of the suburbs from inside the bus

Police station...

We left Bolivia at night