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Photos: Peru: Arequipa - Chivay
Peru: Arequipa - Chivay
30 Mar 2011
The mini bus took us from the hotel at 08:05. Once more, we were the only no-Spanish speaking persons among the 18 people of the group. We stopped at a mini market in order to buy water, biscuits and coca leaves for the altitude. The guide explained how to prepare the coca leaves. We selected 10 coca leaves, put a little stone (catalyst) in the middle, made a cylinder and put among the tooth for 5 minutes, before eat them. We stopped at several places in order to watch and take photos of various animals, like vicunas, alpacas and llamas. Vicunas and guanaco (we saw in Argentina) are wild while alpacas and llamas are domestic. Then we stopped for a coca tea. The next stop was at the highest altitude point (4900 m). We felt the altitude sickness, we could not breath easily, felt tired when making a few steps. From this point ideally we could see a lot of peaks around but in our case the weather was not clear. There were many clouds and suddenly begun snowing. Everything got into white in a few minutes and we run into the bus.

The last stop was outside Chivay for lunch in a local restaurant. There was a buffet and we tested various meats, lomo, vicuna, alpaca and rice, potatoes etc. The food was good with the exception of alpaca meat which was tough and smell bad. We arrived at Chivay, a small village in mud, with small houses, 3-wheel taxi vehicles and earth-roads. Our accommodation was elementary without heat.

The program included hot baths for the afternoon, but we did not go. We rested and then walked around the village. In the evening we went for a folkloric dinner. The food was not good at all and the folkloric dance was an absolutely touristic cheat.

Two drunk Arequipenos

Peruvian market store

Peruvian woman

Inca Cola, the national cola of Peru

At the suburbs of Arequipa


Along the road

A stop in order to see and take photos of vicunas

Good road conditions

Volcano Misti at the far end (5800 m)

Sellers on the street


Interesting rocks

Peruvian woman

Peruvian sellers

Local market

Local market

Drinking tea of coca leaves

Drinking tea of coca leaves

Woman seller with child on her back

Lake with sheep

The black... ship

and the lonely... ship

Alpine meadows with water

Peruvian woven

At the highest altitude (4900 m)

Stones for offering

After the hail

The peruvian sellers were covered with nylon

Everything turned into white in few minutes

Where is the rabbit?

Chivay is located down in the valley

Just before Chivay sellers again

Peruvian sellers with foreign tourists

A small Peruvian is running with a baby vivuna

Baby vicuna

Small Peruvian

The restaurant

Outside view of the restaurant

Peruvian child

First view of Chivay

Children in Chivay

Market in Chivay

Taxi in Chivay

Views in Chivay

Taxis in Chivay

Buildings in Chivay

Peruvian girls with alpacas

At the central square of Chivay


Peruvian ladies

Street in Chivay

Local restaurant

The orchestra of peruvian music

Peruvian dance

Some of the tourists danced with the locals