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Photos: Peru: Cuzco
Peru: Cuzco
08 Apr 2011
This was the last day of our travel, after 28 days total in Latin America. We walked around the local markets of Cuzco for gifts and souvenirs.
The local market near the train station for Machu Picchu was very interesting. It was a typical Peruvian market with every kind of store inside, fruits, vegetables, potatoes, meat, cheese, gifts, souvenirs, restaurants. There were ladies making orange juices sitting at numbered seats. Outside the market some locals were playing music and dancing.
We took a taxi for the airport at noon. Then we took the flight for Lima and later the international flight to Madrid.

The church at San Blas square

Corner with ruins of Inca walls

Internal view of a store with local products and souvenirs

The stores opposite the Inca walls

Inca walls

Touching the Inca walls

At the central square

Total view of the central square

Ladies making orange juices inside the local market

Meat market

Cheese market

Various stores inside the local market

Potato market

Mini-restaurants inside the local market

Food inside the local market

Peruvian child

Some people were dancing outside the local market

At the airport of Cuzco

The airplane of LAN is waiting for us

Flying to Lima

The Pacific ocean coast outside Lima

Approaching Lima, fog again

At the airport of Lima

At the airport of Lima