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Photos: Peru: Cuzco
Peru: Cuzco
05 Apr 2011
Early in the morning we took again a bus for Cuzco, the last stop of our travel. The coach was very comfortable and two-levels. We had only two brief stops during the trip. The first place was full of local sellers and the second was in a modern cafeteria (we could not believe that there was such a place in this region).

We arrived in Cusco late in the afternoon. We took a taxi and went straight in San Blas (San Blas), in a hostel we had found, but without reservation. As always we did not have any problem, there was room availability. Then we walked around the city. The central square was quite picturesque, in spite of many annoying sellers with drawings and massage services. We decided to get tickets for Machu Picchu the next day. We had probably the worst deal of travel to the offices of Perurail. We were not informed properly and the tickets were very expensive. We were upset and we needed a nice dinner with wine and Peruvian music in order to calm down. We had to get a mini bus to go to Ollantaytampo before we catch the train to Machu Picchu, very very early in the morning.