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Photos: Peru: Puno and lake Titicaca
Peru: Puno and lake Titicaca
02 Apr 2011
In the morning we walked to the shores of lake Titicaca which is the lake on the highest altitude in earth (3800 m). The larger part belongs to Peru but the smaller east part belongs to Bolivia. There is a group of people the Uros who live on floating islands made by totora. It is a main tourist attraction near Puno. We went there by a small boat. There are 42 floating islands but the boat let us walk on two of them, used for visitors only. A local Uros woman explained us with details (in Spanish only) how they construct the islands, their houses, their boats almost everything from totora. The sun was very hot in such a high altitude.

We returned to Puno at 13:00. We had enough time and so we organised another excursion to Sillustani near Puno where Incas and pro-Incas local people used as a holy area with graves. The graves are high towers and used only for kings and rich people. The clouds made the area to look like a mystery. Then they took us to a local house in order to see how they live and work. We tasted local cheese and potatoes. All of the scenery was touristic and at the end they asked for money.

Returned to Puno at night and arranged the following day trip to Bolivia La Paz. Then we had dinner at «Mojca» with nice view to central square of Puno. Our today wine choice was «Tabernero Gran Tinto Malbec Merlot 2007».

Internal view of our hotel Punuypampa Inn

Going to the lake shore

Photo in a street

Avenida Titicaca, the street to the shores of the lake

Photo in a street

Bicycles on the shore of the lake Titicaca

View of Puno from lake Titicaca

Lighthouse at lake Titicaca

Dirty waters

At the shores of lake Titicaca

At the shores of lake Titicaca

Leaving Puno behind

In the lake Titicaca

The sky mirrors on the lake

Welcome to the islands of Uros

The first view of the islands

The ground is made only of totora



On the floating island

Everything is made of totora

Welcome on Uros islands

Boat made of totora

Uros houses

The bar

View of the lake Titicaca from the floating island of Uros

Walking around on the Uros floating islands in lake Titicaca

Old huts of Uros

Huts of Uros

Telephone !!!

The church of Uros

Beautiful pictures

Beautiful pictures

Local fishermen

Cyan is dominating

Cows on a narrow land

Approaching the dock

By taxi-bicycle

Panoramic view of the city

Outside Puno

Strange church

A small village outside Puno

Arriving at Sillustani

Church in Sillustani

Sillustani: Approaching the highest tower

Sillustani: The tallest tower

Sillustani: Side view of the tallest tower

Sillustani: Internal of the tower-grave

Sillustani: Another tower

Sillustani: The lake Umayo

Sillustani: Viewing at the lake Umayo

Sillustani: Searching... the graves

Downhill from Sillustani



The local farm-house



Home of piglets

Local products

Touristic demonstration

Their bed

How they weave