04 Dec 2023 04:16
Travel philosophy
Travel is a misunderstanding concept. In our personal opinion, travel is by no means the package organised by travel agencies. To leave a firm to take over the organisation and the details and simply follow a flock of tourists and stop only to places indicated by guides, it is unlikely travel. To see almost everything through the windows, sitting in clean and comfortable position in a coach, it is almost like watching a documentary on TV.

So we travel by following these «travel choices»:
  • We never book travels from agencies or participate in organised tours. The holiday packages are suitable for vacations rather than travelers.

  • The organisation of a travel is a travel itself. Now with the help of the internet things are much more easily. We can find candidate places to stay, to design the route, to look for places to visit, learn their history, see pictures and even virtual travel with the help of Google Earth.

  • On each travel we try as much as possible to better understand the place and people s everyday lives. Thus, apart from the famous and touristic attractions, we spend more time to significant points of each place away from the hordes of tourists.

  • We love the nature and focus more on rural areas and villages than in large urban centers. We walk on trials in canyons, traverse meadows, climb to mountain tops, swim in rivers under waterfalls. In this way we come into real contact with nature and see landscapes that can not be seen otherwise. The fatigue is not intimidated us and without been athletes, we try to do hikes that can be completed in time by several hours, until one day less.

  • We are not tired of the long drive, we like to drive many miles. Whenever possible, we avoid highways and follow secondary roads, earth roads and forest roads, passing trough villages and attractions away from the tourists.

  • Rarely we book rooms in advance and we prefer to find accommodation at the last moment or at the place we are after dark. While wasting time or some very rare occasions we sleep in the car, we believe that the freedom we have in this way deserves any inconvenience.