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Photos: Skopelos
24 Jul 2015 - 31 Jul 2015
We had never visited an island of Sporades so we choose Skopelos for summer vacation. We selected to go to Skopelos from Mantoudi in Evia because the boat trip was shorter. The road from Athens to Mantoudi is comfortable except half an hour turns. We arrived at the port Mantoudi after nearly two hours, before the departure of the ship. The ship trip from Mantoudi to Glossa in Skopelos was 2 hours and 15 minutes (with a stopover in Skiathos island).

As base we chose the Panormos, a nice seaside village and we rent a room near the sea. Every day we had clean and calm sea at our feet.

At nights we had dinners at very good restaurants in Skopelos town, although we had to drive for about 12 Km from Panormos. The best restaurants were "Perivoli" and "Anna", but overall we had many good choices. Regrding food the island is excellent.

We swimmed mainly at Panormos beach. The only day that it was air we visited Limnonari, a sheltered bay and Agnontas a small village to the south.

We visited the famous beach Milia, which we consider as the best on the island, huge and spotless. Famous beach Kastani which is next, equally beautiful but shorter as the beach bar with sun loungers had occupied most of the coast.

We also visited beach of Stafylos at the south of the island and beach Chovoli near the village Neo Klima, a different beach with white rocky background and pine trees.

On the last day before taking the ferry back to Mantoudi, we drove to the monastery St. John, which is built on a rock in the sea and had lunch in a restaurant in the village Glossa, the second largest settlement on the island after Skopelos town.

The island is lush with pine trees everywhere until the beach. We drove along the new asphalt road from "Neo Klima" to "Skopelos" through the mountain Delphi. The road crosses a beautiful forest with pine trees and you may forget that you were on an island.

All beaches were nice with crystal clear sea, there are many and good choises regarding food. Skopelos is a very tempting destination for quiet holidays.

The ship is arriving at the port of Mantoudi

View from out room at Panormos


Limonari beach

Limnonari beach


View of Skopelos


Neo Klima

Chovoli beach

Milia beach

Milia beach

Junior swimmer

Pine trees reaching the beach

Milia beach

Panormos: Very clean sea

Rocks at the left side of Stafylos beach

Arriving at Stafylos beach

Stafylos beach

Going to Chovoli beach

Chovoli beach

Pine trees at the edge of the clif

Chovolo beach

Monastery of Ag. Ioannis

Central square in Glossa

Old house in Glossa

View of Loutraki from Glossa