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Photos: Crete: Balos, Kedrodasos, Preveli
Crete: Balos, Kedrodasos, Preveli
03 Jul 2007 - 11 Jul 2007
Our vacation for this summer was in Crete. We stayed outside Chania and did daily trips to many places and beaches. The most interesting beaches were Balos, Kedrodasos and Preveli.
03 Jul 2007
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04 Jul 2007
Kedrodasos is a beatiful beach near the vary famous ... »

11 Jul 2007
The monastery of Preveli and Kourtaliotiko gorge leading to the beach, are classic destinations in Crete. First we went for a walk to the monastery Preveli. After we took the road to the beach Preveli leading to a parking. We took the ... »