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Photos: Argentina: From Ushuaia to Iguazu
Argentina: From Ushuaia to Iguazu
25 Mar 2011
This day we will be beamed from South Argentina to North Argentina. After we delivered the car we went to the airport and took the flight to Buenos Aires at 12:10. We arrived at 16:00 and after 2 hours waiting we got a plane to Iguazu. Our aim was to visit the famous and spectacular waterfalls in the northeast corner of Argentina, at the border with Brazil. The sound of falling water can be heard even 24 km away in the jungle. The Iguazu waterfalls on the river forming the border between Brazil and Argentina at a distance of 28 km, where the waters are joined by the river Parana where both countries meet with Paraguay. We intend to visit both sides. On the Brazilian side at the city Foz do Iguazu and the Argentina side at the city Puerto Iguazu

While the aircraft was approaching, we saw much of the jungle. The first impression was suffocating heat, moisture, our hands started to stick and so all our body. And it was only 21:00 at night ... On the day what we had to expect? We arrived at the hotel «Complejo Turistico Americano», ate in the restaurant with wine «Giaquinta Valle de Tupungato, Cabernet Sauvignon» and found redemption in a cool shower and sleep in air conditioning.

Last photo from Ushuaia

The airplane of LAN is waiting

Internal view of airport in Ushuaia

At the airport of Buenos Aires

Various airplanes

High buildings of Buenos Aires at the far end

Airplanes and high buildings

The airplane was new with monitors at the back of the seats