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Photos: Brazilia: Iguazu waterfalls
Brazilia: Iguazu waterfalls
26 Mar 2011
Early in the morning we started our journey in order to visit the waterfalls at the side of Brazil and leave the next day the side of Argentina. In fact, we decided not to do it by the easy way (a private coach), but follow the encouragement of the Lonely Planet travel guide, and try the local bus line. So we took the bus from Puerto Iguazu in Argentina towards the border with Brazil. According to the tour guide, we had to cross the border and get off 2 stops later. The border is a bridge which one half has the colors of Argentina and the other half the colors of Brazil. After we crossed the border we got off after 2 stops, we walked a bit on a main road and once we found a bus stop we stopped and wait for a Brazilian coach. No border checking, so we lost the opportunity to seal our passports with the seal of Brazil.

When we reached the waterfalls in the park (Parque National do Iguazu), we paid the entrance and took a bus to the waterfalls. There were several piers that lead us to several spectacular spots, with big waterfalls. The most impressive of all was the Devil s Throat (Garganta del Diablo). There were tons of falling water of the large waterfall, with a deafening noise, creating rainbow and making us wet. The platform had been set up inside the throat and the view from there was admittedly impressive. Everyone hung around wet, shouting at each water throw and making genuine efforts to protect the cameras.

After hours of wandering in various places with waterfalls, decided to leave. We chose this time to return by a private coach that brought us back to Argentina restless. When the bus driver discovered that we had not our passports sealed in Brazil, hide us inside the coach, so we passed the check without any problem. We went for dinner before return to the hotel and the day s wine was ĞLos Haroldos Cabernet Sauvignon Mentozağ.

The heat was intolerable

Inside the local bus, towards the border with Brazil

We are passing through Brazilian borders without passport check

The bridge colored in Brazilian colors

The bus inside the park

First view of the waterfalls

A pier

Total view of waterfalls in the side of Argentina


The central platform inside Devils throat

The place was full of butterflies

The place was full of butterflies

Approaching the big waterfalls

Along the central platform

Devil s throat: Impressive view!

View from the central platform

The platform was over crowded

The platform at the edge of the waterfall

A classic touristic photo in front of the waterfalls

Incredible view

One more butterfly

Tones of water!

View of the platform

Blurred photo by water vapor

Unique spectacle!

View from a higher point

A butterfly... admires the view!

Above Devil s throat

A blue butterfly

Outside the park